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How do You Know If You're Ready to Parent?

Parenting can feel overwhelming, even for those who planned to become pregnant.  But an unplanned pregnancy can be especially overwhelming, as it can send your mind racing with thoughts regarding the physical, emotional and financial responsibilities that come with having a child.  Regardless, a surprised parent is just as capable of effectively raising a child as someone who planned for parenthood.  

Perhaps the most important factor in successfully raising a child is providing him or her with a strong support system; as their parent, a strong support system begins with you.  Some additional factors to consider when deciding whether to parent include:

  • Is your partner supportive?
  • How will your family and friends respond?
  • How will this impact your job or education?
  • Will you be able to financially support and child?
  • Are you mature enough to handle raising a child?
The Lighthouse Pregnancy Center can help you work through these questions, and discuss any additional concerns you may have also offer education specifically for new or expectant parent, BrightCourse, covering topics such as:

  • What to expect during pregnancy
  • How to have a healthy pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Child development
  • Effective parenting
  • Newborn and infant care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Raising a healthy child
Please schedule an appointment today to discuss your thoughts about parenting and/or other options.  Our trained advocates have the expertise to help guide you through whatever situation you may face. Whatever assistance you need, we can help you become the best parent you can be.